Brian has been an ATP for eight years and with Numotion for the past 16. Before getting into the industry, Brian was a recreational therapist working as an adaptive ski instructor at Killington Mountain in Vermont. He taught individuals how to use mono and bi-skis and found himself wanting to turn his passion into a career.

“I took a job as a wheelchair manufacturer representative and from there was able to meet a lot of people in the industry,” said Brian. “I learned what an ATP was and knew that’s what I wanted to do.” Brian started off as a technician in order to gain experience, and eventually worked his way up to becoming an ATP.

“I love my job,” said Brian. “I have the opportunity to show people that a wheelchair is not the end. You can still be fully functional, have a life and do activities you enjoy – we provide the tools for people to be able to do that, which is so gratifying. I also get to work with amazing people, like my CCC, Toyin Davis-Lewis, who helps me with everything,” said Brian.

Brian strives to go the extra mile for all of his customers. “I like to form a connection with them and make sure they know I care,” said Brian. “I want to hear about their life and their families and how I can make their lives easier and better.”

Brian’s connection with Numotion customer, Carey, whom he met at a rehab clinic, is no exception. “When I first met Carey he was looking to get his first power wheelchair following the progression of MS. I did an initial evaluation at the rehab clinic and then delivered the chair to his house when it was ready.”

Carey and Brian hit it off right away. “Personality wise we clicked,” recalled Brian. “When I delivered his chair I made sure to start by talking about anything but the chair. I knew this was a big milestone for Carey and his wife and I wanted to build a connection with them and make sure they were comfortable.”

Since getting his chair, Carey has called Brian a few times to ask questions. Brian said, “I have shot over to their house a few times to help him out and show him how to use different features on the chair – that’s a great feeling knowing I can help make his life a little easier.”