Carol was introduced to the Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) industry when her job ended with the 96 Paralympic Games. “I went to get a set of tires for my wheelchair from a small CRT company and they were short-staffed and I needed a job, this is where it began for me,” said Carol.
Joining Numotion in 2013, Carol started as a Customer Care Coordinator and helped Assistive Technology Professionals when they started at Numotion. She then became a Territory Manager until 2021 before settling into her latest role as Specialty Account Manager.

carol-1.jpgCarol was injured on the border between Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, in the middle of the troubles in 1982. She left Ireland for the right to work, won her green card in the lottery, and made Atlanta home. “I am very passionate about what we do, if Numotion was around when I was injured, life after the injury would have been easier for me.  I am passionate about providing mobility to all young and old because they have a right to move. This is what gets me out of bed every day.”
In her current role, Carol says the best thing about her job is the customers. “The satisfaction I get when we help them. The stories they share about what we have done for them. The most motivating thing for me in my job is the ability to bring mobility to all, from Pediatric to Geriatric. Something I did not have when I was first injured, I waited one year from my wheelchair to come from the United States and pass through two countries before it was smuggled down over the border from Northern Ireland.”

Carol worked with Numotion customer, Richmond, to provide him with a power wheelchair. “Richmond needed this chair as his quality of life from 18 surgeries limited him from participation in life,” said Carol. “Richmond is a fighter and listened to me when I explained the process, and we spoke often. I was able to put myself in his shoes as I hate to miss out on life. He is now able to go with his family when they go out, on vacation, etc, to me that is a happy customer.”