Chris has been in the Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) industry for over twenty years, a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) since 2006, and an employee of Numotion since 2010.

Providing customers access to better equipment, building lasting relationships, and helping people through major challenges is what motivated Chris to come work for Numotion.

Chris is also a part of Numotion’s ALS Council, a group of Numotion ATP’s, who specialize in working with clients who have ALS. Group members are well-versed with the diagnosis, its’ progression, and the assistive technology needed to assist with independence as the diagnosis progresses.

Numotion customer Monique is 51 years old and living with ALS, diagnosed in 2018. Monique is a wife and mother to three children. Chris serves as Monique’s ATP. At a recent visit, he noticed that she was no longer able to drive her chair or control her seating system.

Together with Team Gleason, Chris delivered Ability Drive, which enables the user to drive a powered wheelchair with their eyes.

“When I saw she was using eye gaze tech for her communication device, I inquired about her interest in an ability drive, and she was super excited as well as her caregiver,” said Chris. “I knew it would be a challenge because she is on hospice, but I contacted Team Gleason and they sent her a unit. Once we got it, I went and programmed it for her, and she immediately did well with it. She was so thankful.”