Christy began her career as a Physical Therapist and spent 9 years working in outpatient pediatrics with 
children who used CRT equipment. Providing clients with equipment to improve their positioning, independence, participation, and/or access to their environment was her favorite part of being a clinician. Christy decided to take the ATP exam to get credentialed and give what she was doing a name. She had no intention of changing her career as a Physical Therapist. However, after taking the exam and receiving encouragement from people in the ATP and CRT community, she decided that her career as a Physical Therapist had led her to become an ATP.  While she was approached by other companies, Christy said her previous working relationship with Numotion stood out. “As a clinician, I liked Numotion because they would work with any funding source, had innovative mobility products and are very involved in advocacy efforts with partners like ALSA and MDA. I knew if I became a Numotion ATP I would have the tools and resources I needed to be successful, including flexibility, assistance with administrative functions and continuing education opportunities.”

Numotion offers an ATP Development Program that provides aspiring ATPs with the support they need to grow as an ATP. This Development Program includes different Continuing Education Programs for candidates to 
further their knowledge and reach. One of the most impactful things for Christy in her development as an ATP was attending a continuing education opportunity called Numotion University. 

“To come into an environment where everyone was in the same boat was very encouraging. The support and community offered during that time was the first step in feeling like the career change I had made was going to be okay. It became clear to me that even though Numotion is a national company it feels like a family.” 

“It is hard to change your career, and this job can be overwhelming, but at Numotion I am never alone. The support from my co-workers and supervisors is constant. They repeatedly told me they wanted me to succeed and I knew they meant it in their actions. Numotion’s ATP Development Program, as well as a huge network of ATPs and management to support and help me build my business, affirmed that I made the right decision.”