Cynthia joined Team Numotion in August 2014. Before coming to work with Numotion, Cynthia had worked alongside the Louisville Numotion ATPs for years in the field. “In the Louisville market, the ATPs from all companies have known each other for years and have even worked together at other DME companies. I was interviewing for another job but was advised by an OT at one of our seating clinics that Numotion would be a better fit for me. HE WAS RIGHT!”

The opportunity to provide customers access to better equipment, have better relationships, and being more of a priority with manufacturers, and have a greater opportunity for professional development is what motivated Cynthia to come work for Numotion.

“The best things about my job are my clients and my team! I am so grateful to have an amazing CCC and Seating Tech, as well as a supportive management team. I couldn’t do this work without them. I love working with pediatric clients because there are so many equipment options available to them. Not to mention, I get to help babies WALK…You don’t get any better than that,” said Cynthia.

Numotion shared the story of Stefanie. Stefanie has been a long-time Numotion client and began working with Cynthia in 2018 after she moved to Louisville, KY. Stefanie is one of the only quadriplegic horse carriage drivers in the world. She requires seating that provides her support but gives her the ability to be able to reach down and pick up her horse’s lead rope or the reins while driving her carriage during competition.

“Stefanie has incredible strength and mobility in her torso and needs equipment that will allow her the freedom of movement to perform at the Olympic level,” said Cynthia. “We designed custom seating that gives her the ability to function at her best and continue to compete as a world-class equestrian. She is an amazing person and I’m proud that we can provide her with the equipment she needs to bring her passion and talent to the world.”