Darlene is a Service Coordinator and mom to Numotion customer, Ricky, who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Encouraged by a former Numotion employee, Darlene applied and joined the Numotion team in October 2016. “After interacting with them at different service appointments, they saw my passion for improving my son’s quality of life and pushed me to apply because they knew that passion could help others.”

When asked if her career led her to work for Numotion, Darlene said quite the opposite. “Living a life filled with all kinds of DME and seeing the impact of what a malfunctioning or broken-down piece of equipment can do to a person led me to my career with Numotion.  I have the luxury of seeing firsthand, daily, how extremely important any piece of equipment is to someone that needs it and how urgent it is to be repaired if need be. My passion and understanding put me in this place and I know I can help make a difference to someone who needs Numotion to make sure they are living their best life daily.”

Darlene’s favorite part of her job is working with her amazing team and providing the best service experience to the best of her ability for her customers every day. “As a mom of a customer I truly can understand their frustrations and even anger when they say they need their mobility and understand why their mobility means so much to them,” said Darlene.

“As a mom of a differently abled young man who received his first power wheelchair at four years old, I have been blessed to have a different perspective on life and the things I used to take for granted,” said Darlene. “Ricky has allowed me to be part of his amazing journey and he has done and accomplished more than most 25-year-olds I know. “