Document Funding Manager, Hollie is mom to eleven year old Lillie, who has a very rare genetic condition called DDX3X syndrome. Her roles as a DFC manager and a mom of a customer of Numotion have given her a unique perspective that she uses daily as she interacts with her team and customers.“One of my biggest challenges is
realizing that not everyone has the involvement with the disability community like I do and that it is important to educate people instead of taking things personally.” Hollie shares Lillie’s story and the impact it has had on her with her team members so they can take it and use it as they interact with customers. “The best feeling I get from my job is seeing my team take things personally. As a mom to a child with a disability I understand what it is like to be on both sides. So to see my team make it personal and put themselves in the other person’s situation is a great feeling.”

While at Numotion’s National Leadership Conference (NLC) in 2016, Hollie visited Morgan’s Wonderland with other Numotion employees during a community service outing. The creator of the park, Gordon Hartman spoke about his daughter Morgan who deals with cognitive and physical challenges and how that inspired the creation of Morgan’s Wonderland, an ultra-accessible park which opened in spring 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. “I realized how similar our daughters were. I walked away from NLC that year not only with renewed focus and drive professionally but also with the very important personal goal that our search for the true cause for Lillie’s condition couldn’t be over.

DDX3X is a fairly new discovery and when Lillie was born they were unaware of this diagnosis. The week following the 2016 NLC Hollie scheduled an appointment with her Neurologist for additional testing. She and her husband, Mike, did two rounds of genetic testing. The first round of testing came back with no results, but the second, a Full Exome Sequencing, came back showing that the formal cause for Lillie’s condition was the very rare genetic condition, DDX3X syndrome. “I truly know in my heart that had I not been granted the opportunity by Numotion to hear Gordan share Morgan’s story, it would have taken me much longer to come to the realization that I must not give up the search.”