Shortly after high school graduation, Jeff was in a car wreck that left him a T6 paraplegic. A year after his accident, he enrolled at Bowling Green State University. At that time, there had never been a person in a wheelchair on that campus. Jeff recalls being a 19-year-old still trying to figure out what had happened to his life. He transferred to Ohio State the following year and after a few years of figuring things out, he completed both an undergrad and graduate degree focused on social work, political science, and grassroots organization.

After college, Jeff spent five years working in a men’s homeless shelter. This is when he first heard of Spinlife - the company where he would happily work for the next 20 years.

Jeff began working at Spinlife in December of 2000 when it was just the beginning. “A friend of mine told me he knew the owner, thought the company had great potential, there was an open sales position and another mutual friend of ours was currently as the other salesman. I was working as a supervisor for a men’s homeless shelter but was looking to find something different and the entire concept of Spinlife intrigued me, so I applied for the job.”

In his role of Product Specialist, Jeff said his favorite aspect of his job is the return customer. “I enjoy hearing their feedback on previous equipment purchases – how well they worked and what changes may make them perform better. I especially enjoy how their life has progressed since our last contact and what adventures are soon to come. Many of the return customers are like old friends. The most meaningful customers are those who have a new Spinal Cord Injury and need some life questions answered. They are genuinely happy to be able to talk to someone who is paralyzed and can share life experiences with them. The whole family becomes involved in the purchase as well as the discussion. I always feel like I made a very real and helpful connection with those customers.”

In June, Numotion acquired, the market leader in online retail Durable Medical Equipment (DME) for the aging population as well as people living with disabilities. Jeff believes that with this union, Numotion can lead customers to Spinlife who may not have any knowledge of them. “Numotion’s credibility with person-to-person customers should help quell fears or concerns some customers may have with purchasing via the internet and the partnership should help motivate manufacturers to continue their progress in the development of new and better equipment.”

When asked what makes Jeff most excited about being part of the Numotion family he answered, “a louder voice and greater presence with everyone from consumers to manufacturers to social advocacy groups working towards the betterment of those living with a disability.”