Three years ago, Jillian was on vacation with her friends when she fell off her hotel balcony and suffered a spinal cord injury. “I lifted my foot up and lost my balance” says Jillian. She plunged three stories to the grass below and fractured three vertebrae in her spine, her sternum and several ribs.

Jillian is a customer and employee at Numotion. She was looking for a change when she found a job opening for a Financial Analyst at Numotion. “I was looking for a new opportunity and Numotion was the first one to pop-up. I received my chair from Numotion after my injury so I knew a lot about the company and their mission. I thought it was fitting because I was searching for a way to combine my degree and this new huge part of my life of being in a chair everyday” said Jillian.

Jillian has been very happy with her decision to join the Numotion team. “I love working for a company whose mission aligns with my own. While the day to day numbers are just numbers and the excel sheet looks like any other, the work I do helps get more chairs to people quicker and I am happy to be a part of that.” Jillian said now that she an employee of Numotion, she sees the number of different departments and steps each and every order goes through and has a greater appreciation for the amount of time and effort that goes into getting something as simple as a new set of tires.

Jillian has a great work-life balance. After her injury she decided to dive into the world of adaptive sports. Jillian participated in 5K at the hospital where she did rehab that ended up being a three-page spread in People magazine. Last year she participated in a forty mile adventure race in Colorado and earlier this year she took part in an adaptive boot camp. “Diving into the world of adaptive sports has opened many doors for me. I have found an adaptive gym where I have been encouraged by many people to try other sports like rock climbing and skiing. I am just trying to live my life to the very fullest to prove to myself there’s nothing I can’t do” says Jillian.