Josh Turek’s first exposure to Numotion was at Numotion’s 2019 employee National Leadership Conference. He was brought in to be a part of the annual wheelchair basketball event to help raise money for the Numotion foundation. “I was amazed at the company’s ideals and how much they aligned with my personal goals and ideals of improving the lives of disabled individuals and advocacy for the disabled community,” said Josh.

Josh Turek joined the Numotion team in September 2019 as a Specialty Account Manager. Josh’s motivation to join Numotion was fueled by his desire to be a part of an organization that was committed to providing the best care and equipment to individuals with disabilities. “I believe that going into doctor’s offices, being a successful, educated, and well-spoken end-user allows me to be the ideal person to be the face and voice of the organization to providers,” said Josh.

Being able to help provide quality mobility devices to customers and knowing how much impact proper fitting equipment can have on an individual’s lifestyle and quality of life is one of Josh’s favorite things about his job. Advocacy is a huge part of Numotion’s Social Responsibility to our customers and employees and was also a reason Josh wanted to join Numotion. “Being a part of an organization that is on the forefront for disability advocacy was a huge draw for me to join Numotion. True change takes place at a national level in policy, and I am proud to stand with Numotion on the front lines,” said Josh.

Josh Turek is a four-time Team USA Paralympic Men’s Wheelchair Basketball player and is headed to Tokyo. This will be Josh’s last year playing the Paralympic Games. “Each Games is its own unique experience and journey. Going into Tokyo, we have a great team again for this Games. We have 8 players returning from our team in Rio. This Games will be very different due to COVID restrictions and not having any family or friends there with me. Half of the enjoyment is being able to be there with your loved ones. But I am trying to enjoy every moment on this journey knowing that it will be my last. I feel great and I am playing at a very high level. I hope I can finish my career with another Gold medal. It would be the perfect way to close my basketball career.
Josh has loved basketball since he first began to play when he was 14 years old. “I think basketball chose me as much as I chose basketball. It’s in our blood,” said Josh. "As both, my brother and sister played professional able-bodied basketball as well. It’s kind of a family business.”

When asked what advice you would give to someone who wants to play wheelchair basketball or train to make it to the Paralympics his response was, “I had just come back from Lake Placid, NY for training where the 1980 Miracle on Ice occurred, and I read a quote from the goalie on that team, Jim Craig. ‘Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams.’ This encouraged me to dream big. I would tell someone to give everything, 100 percent of all you have into something,” said Josh. “If you give everything you have, then you will never have to look back and feel regret.”