Mike is a 20 year retired Navy veteran, husband, father and a warehouse technician. Mike has been with Numotion for the past seven years and his son, Logan, is also a Numotion customer.

After retiring from the Navy, Mike started to look for work. Up until that point he had been the one fixing Logan’s chair when minor repairs needed to be made. One day he noticed that his son needed a new joy stick. After searching for a company that could help, he came across Numotion. Mike was able to get his son a new joy stick and land an interview for a service technician role.

“What I enjoy most about my job is making our customers happy and helping to keep them mobile,” said Mike. “Seeing a smile on their face is the greatest feeling.”

Recently, Mike’s accessible van, which he uses to transport his son to and from appointments and activities broke down for the second time in a two week span. While he did his best to diagnose and fix the problem on his own, it was going to be over $1,000 to fix.

Wasting no time and knowing how important it was for Mike to have a working van, the Columbia, MO branch, where Mike works, stepped up to help him and his family. Rachel, a customer care coordinator at the branch, was able to rally everyone together and raised the money Mike needed to get his van up and running again.

“I was blown away,” said Mike. “I had asked Rachel for some assistance in starting a Go Fund Me Page. She went above and beyond. Everyone stepped up and helped me when I thought there was not much I could do.”
Mike’s van is back up and running and he can resume taking Logan to doctor’s appointments and other activities he enjoys, such as going to the park and being outside. 

“I’m so grateful that Numotion came together in this way to help a team member out,” said Mike.