Numotion ATP, Stuart, is better known as “Stewie the Wheelchair Guy” (after Stewie from “Family Guy”) by the customers he serves in the Houston, TX area. Stuart has been an ATP since 2000 and with Numotion since 2013.

Stuart has been instrumental in evolving the Houston Methodist ALS Clinic into what it is today, and currently sees up to 38 ALS patients each month at that clinic. He also sees patients at the Baylor ALS Clinic and Houston Methodist Hospital.

In addition to assisting his customers with their CRT needs, Stuart spends a lot of his time giving back. He attends local Walks to Defeat ALS, volunteers at the MDA summer camp, and hosts a monthly wheelchair clinic, where he helps people swap equipment and holds a support group for people living with ALS and their families.

Numotion customer, Pastor Bill, who was diagnosed with ALS 10 years ago, says, “Stuart is one great guy. He has been there for me when others haven’t.”