Susan is a Medical Supply Account Manager at Numotion and the wife to Numotion customer, Greg, who was injured during a family skiing trip that resulted in a spinal cord injury. After her husband’s injury, the high-school teacher by trade was looking for a change in career when she came across the role at Numotion.

“After my husband’s injury, I was deeply changed and wanted a job that would make a difference.  I was interviewing for another sale’s role when I saw this medical supply account manager posting, and it caught my attention. My husband worked with Numotion to receive his wheelchair and we had amazing customer service. It seemed almost too right,” said Susan.

Susan didn’t have the resume of a refined sales machine but she says that urology leader, Amber Foster believed in her and gave her a chance. “Amber believed that my story would be beneficial to the people we serve. She equipped me with the knowledge that I needed to sell medical supplies while I had the life experience to empathize and encourage,” said Susan.

Before working for Numotion, Susan and her husband had a personal experience with another urology provider that left them unsure if Greg would receive the products he needed in time to travel for work one week. “I understand the emotion of being anxious for your loved one to receive what they can’t live without, and I never want my clients to experience this feeling.  I do everything in my power to be there for my clients the way we wish someone had been there for us prior to Numotion,” said Susan.

Susan’s favorite part of her job is being able to help people. “Being a resource and developing a relationship is what makes Numotion different. Urology needs evolve over time, and I am here to help my clients as those needs change. That’s what makes us special.  We get to advocate so our clients have one less thing to worry about,” said Susan.