Customer care is a family matter for Numotion mother-daughter employee duo, Tina and Jadi. Tina was hired at Numotion as a Service Coordinator after previously spending 20 years in the DME industry. Tina’s daughter, Jadi was looking for a change was hired on to the Med Docs team at Numotion in 2016. A year later, Jadi applied to be a Customer Care Coordinator.

“My mom told me success stories of clients receiving life-changing equipment and I wanted to be part of something like that. My mom and I both share a passion for helping people. The feeling I get knowing the end result for our clients is regaining mobility and life makes me love what I do. I couldn’t be happier that I made this change,” said Jadi.

Tina and Jadi work in the same office and work with the same clients who are aware of their mother-daughter relationship. Jadi said that her mom will send people to speak with her when they need adjustments to their wheelchairs or new equipment and Jadi will do the same for mom when a client needs a repair to their equipment.

Tina began working with Numotion customer, Todd two years ago and through Tina’s relationship with Todd, he met Jadi.  As happens frequently in our industry -Todd, Tina and Jadi developed a friendly connection beyond the the typical customer/provider relationship. The friendship deeped upon learning they were all from the same town in Louisiana. When it came time for Todd to transition from his manual wheelchair to his first power wheelchair, Jadi was proud to be part of the team that helped to make that happen.

“Todd has a special place in our hearts. It was a fight to obtain his new power wheelchair but it was worth every second of it,” said Jadi. Last month when Todd received his power wheelchair Jadi and Tina were there for the delivery. “Seeing his posture change from when we walked into when we walked out was simply amazing. The look on his face was indescribable,” said Jadi.

When Todd speaks about “Mrs. Tina” and Jadi he only has nice things to say. Todd said that they are both very kind, considerate, share the same compassion for others and that Numotion is lucky to have people like them. “I don’t know where I would be without Mrs. Tina and her daughter, Jadi,” said Todd.