Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Side-Image.PNG1. Cover up your nice clothing. Before you start to do any cooking, drape a dish towel, or any covering, over your legs so you don’t get dirty.

2. Use a wooden cutting board with silicone mats on top. This allows you to comfortably and safely place the cutting boards on your lap - and it makes cleanup easier because you just have to wash the silicone mats when you’re done. 
3. A wooden cutting board can also used to transfer hot dishes to the table. 
4. Modify your sink space so you can roll under it. If you are able to modify your kitchen, being able to roll under the sink makes doing dishes a lot easier. However, it does take away storage space - but, you can add some storage back by hooking an over the door organizer inside another cabinet or the pantry. 
5. Don’t leave knives in the sink. If you don’t have good visibility of what’s in the sink be cautious about leaving knives or anything sharp there.

Jillian Harpin, Financial Analyst


Jillian Harpin, Financial Analyst

Jillian Harpin is a finance professional with a degree from Bentley University. In 2016, she fell from a balcony and sustained a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down at 23 years old. She has spent the last four years participating in adaptive sports, from surfing to monoskiing, and was featured in People’s Magazine after competing in a 5K obstacle course race using an offroad wheelchair. She has a passion for mentoring those who are newly injured and helping them get active and back to living their life again.