Numotion customer, Steve, is 48-years-old living in Woodbridge, Connecticut, with his girlfriend, Sandra, also a Numotion customer. When Steve was a kid living in Long Island, New York, he was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, and a benign spinal cord tumor called an Astrocytoma. Steve had two surgeries to remove the tumors, which caused nerve damage, resulting in a spinal cord injury at the T4/T5 level and making him a full-time wheelchair user.

After learning how to function independently as a full-time wheelchair user, Steve completed a  bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. Steve works for Salesforce as a Technical Account Manager. Camping, gardening, swimming, and attending car shows are activities Steve enjoys with his girlfriend, Sandra.

Steve is busy with work and active social life, which means he needs an excellent wheelchair custom-designed for his body and lifestyle. "For me, my custom wheelchair is a source of independence. I do not look at my wheelchair as something that creates boundaries or limitations, but rather as a means of accomplishing anything I set out to achieve,” said Steve.

Sandra, Steve's girlfriend, introduced Steve to Numotion nine years ago when it was time for Steve to order a new wheelchair. "My experiences have been positive…there is the occasional delay, which can and does happen with almost anything involving healthcare and health insurance,” said Steve. “Recently I met Toby Bergantino, Numotion ATP, along with Jillian Cacopardo (PT, Clinical Program Coordinator) at Gaylord's wheelchair clinic in Wallingford, CT, where I was given a thorough wheelchair evaluation for the first time in 10 years.” Steve acknowledges Toby and Jillian’s patience and their attention to detail when they explain the wheelchair evaluation process step by step. Steve has also had a positive using Numotion’s service and repair, "I've also had positive experiences when I needed a part replaced. I have used both in-person and remote services to identify the needed parts."

Steve and his girlfriend, Sandra, love staying active and don't let anything stop them from sharing amazing adventures with a little help from their team at Numotion.