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Caleb’s Story

Caleb was born with Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) and at 14, developed catatonia. Catatonia is the loss of different skills, including the ability to communicate meaningfully. In 2017 Caleb received a speech device. It took him a while to figure it out, but he has worked hard at it and it’s getting easier.


Chris’s Story

Chris became the only licensed quadriplegic performance stage rally racer in the U.S., with his desire to race to come after his injury. Finding enjoyment in physical work and construction, Chris’s hobbies include building and racing my rally car, fishing, kayaking and just building anything I needed it wished to.


Christine’s Story

Christine worked closely with Numotion for a few months to evaluate and trial different mobility devices – over time a trusting relationship was formed. Numotion was not a contracted provider with her insurance plan, but continued to work with both Christine and the health plan in order to help get Christine her much needed customized power wheelchair.

Customer Advisory Board

Customer Advisory Board’s Story

Numotion’s Customer Advisory Board is comprised of diverse individuals who share direct customer insights with Numotion regarding experiences and perspectives, as well as provide ideas and guidance resulting in lasting positive change at Numotion and the CRT industry as a whole.


Cyndi’s Story

Cyndi had polio at age two before the vaccine. A high percentage of people who had polio now have what’s called, Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). PPS causes new-onset weakness of your nerves and muscles. Symptoms usually start between 20 and 40 years after the original polio illness. Cyndi was born and raised in central Illinois but now lives in Tennessee. She proudly holds the title of Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2019 and 3rd Runner Up to Ms. Wheelchair America 2020.


David’s Story

David grew up in Bogalusa, Louisiana with a love for swimming, waterskiing, and boating. On August 24th, 1984, David was about to go back to school and was enjoying being outside with friends. David was doing his usual “daredevil tricks” on a rope swing in his yard when the rope suddenly broke, and he went crashing to the ground. That day, at 15 years old, David suffered a C5 incomplete spinal cord injury.


Deborah’s Story

Deborah is fifty-four years young originally from Ohio but currently resides in Tennessee. She has been a wheelchair user since 2012 from an auto accident resulting in a spinal cord injury.


EB’s Story

Elizabeth (EB) is 43 years old, living in Little Colorado. Before her injury, EB went to college in Boulder and graduate school in Denver and spent over 8 years in California working as a physical therapist. In an unfortunate turn of events in her late 30s, she dove headfirst into a swimming pool causing a severe spinal cord injury at the cervical level of her spinal cord leaving her a complete quadriplegic.


Hannah’s Story

This year Hannah received a speech device. Her brother, Caleb has one too, and Hannah had played with it before, but she needed one especially for her. “I got my speech device right as school closed down from COVID-19, so I had a lot of time to spend with it. It was easy for me to figure out how to use it. Now I use it both at home and school. At school, my aide helps me use it to participate in class. It’s programmed with different words for my classes. At home, though, I like to use it by myself. It’s a lot easier to ask for more snacks now! My device has a detachable speaker so Mom can have that in the kitchen and can hear me when I speak from another room. I get my space but can express myself as well,” said Hannah.

Harper and Margaret

Harper and Margaret’s Story

Margaret and Harper are new to Numotion and received their equipment earlier this month. “We are a new Numotion customer and they were amazing to work with! They handled the whole process and we got our Firefly scoot within a month of applying. Although Harper hasn’t had her Firefly scoot long, we can already tell her independence is going to advance,” said Lauren.


Henry’s Story

Henry the “tinkerer” loves to sing, dance, play, and tinker with things! Living in Pittsburg, Kansas, Henry was diagnosed at 20 weeks gestation with severe Hydrocephalus; the accumulation of too much fluid in the brain and spinal cord that causes the head to rapidly swell and enlarge. He was born at 39 weeks at a whopping 14.3 lbs and with a head circumference of 64cm. After brain surgery at one day old and 26 days in the NICU, Henry is now a thriving 2-year-old.


Hunter’s Story

Hunter developed a form of bacterial meningitis when he was 9 months old. He had a temperature of 113 degrees and the doctor gave him a low survival rate. Surviving the fever, Hunter had both of his legs amputated below the knee, all his fingers on his left hand and partial fingers on his right.