In March you should have received an email from Numotion informing you about recent efforts we have taken to provide faster service and repair of mobility products we have provided to you. This included requiring customers to arrange for in-shop repairs for scooters and Group 2 basic power wheelchairs (no advanced seating functions) while providing in-shop service as an option for other products. In doing so we sought to free up our limited number of field-based service technicians to expedite repairs for more complex mobility devices. We have since received valuable feedback that has led us to reconsider portions of this policy on the grounds that it may create significant hardship for some customers.  

Effective immediately, we are making two amendments to the in-shop service repair policy. 
  1. Basic Group 2 power wheelchairs will no longer be required to be serviced in-shop, although these customers are encouraged to utilize in-shop service for shorter wait times and more effective service given our access to more parts, tools and resources. It will ultimately be the choice of the customer where the repair takes place.
  2. If a customer in need of repair for a scooter is unable to obtain transportation to a Numotion location for in-shop repair we will, on an exception basis, dispatch a service technician for repairs to the customer’s home or therapy clinic according to their preference.
Service for customers with all other types of mobility equipment, including all complex rehab technology (CRT) customers, will continue to have the option  to select in-shop service or in-home service, however in-shop will most always be the shortest appointment wait time, so we highly encourage customers to take advantage of this method whenever possible.

Feedback on our in-shop service has been very positive from most customers, as we have greatly expanded our capabilities to provide in-shop service at over 80 Numotion branch locations, including yours.  Customers who are taking advantage of this approach for service are experiencing far shorter wait times for appointments.

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We request that you call your Numotion location to schedule your In-Home or In-Shop Service appointment. If you recently called for service on a Group 2 power wheelchair or scooter,  were not able to bring it to a Numotion location, and are still in need of repairs, please call us again to discuss how this amended policy may impact our ability to service you at home or clinic.
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