Are you a physician, therapist or administrator who refers patients to mobility equipment providers?

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Delivering best-in-class, coordinated care to people with mobility issues is critically important. With expanding equipment options, changes in medical technology, physical therapy techniques and the ever-changing world around us, building the optimal custom seating and assistive technology solution for an individual is more complex than ever before.

Numotion is committed to working with physicians and therapists across the country to better understand how to jointly serve customers better as part of its ongoing research program. This survey is specifically for clinical teams and healthcare administrators to provide insight into how an equipment provider can contribute to better health outcomes and patient experience.

There is so much that goes into a good partnership between medical specialists and equipment providers. We have always been focused on listening to our customers to understand how to better serve them, but now we are creating this national research effort to quantitatively understand what doctors and therapists need from Numotion and the industry with the goal to drive continued improvements.

Please help us by taking this short survey and educating us on how we can work even better together.