Simple Communication Devices That Offer So Much More

Ways to Communicate

Because no two people are alike, Lingraphica AAC devices make it easy for people of various ages and a wide range of abilities to communicate.
  • Tap icons, words and phrases
  • Type what you want the device to say out loud
  • Draw images on a built-in whiteboard
  • Take pictures or videos to share with others
  • Repeat words you hear out loud.

Practice and Improve Your Speech

Built-in activities, videos, and quizzes can help improve your speech and comprehension even if you’re not actively working with a speech therapist.
  • Practice words and phrases that are relevant to you
  • Work on reading, comprehension, writing, and vocabulary
  • Watch and practice along hundreds of videos
  • Get the daily news and corresponding quizzes
  • Choose from thousands of built-in or online exercises

One Powerful All-In-One Device, Three Different Sizes

AllTalk-Front.pngThe AllTalk™
A sturdy but lightweight and portable laptop.
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TouchTalk-Front.pngThe TouchTalk™
A mid-size tablet with a long battery life.
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MiniTalk-Front.pngThe MiniTalk™
A powerful and portable phone-size tablet.
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