Jeremy's journey with Numotion began in July 2002 at Gulf Coast Rehab, where he started as a delivery technician. His first exposure to Numotion came through the merger of Gulf Coast Rehab and ATG, which formed Numotion. This merger marked the beginning of a new chapter in his career, allowing him to make a greater impact.

"I've always enjoyed helping people," Jeremy shared. "When I was a delivery tech, I knew I wanted to be an ATP and provide people with mobility and independence."

Jeremy quickly felt at home at Numotion. "Numotion is my home and a great place to work," he said. His dedication to the company's mission has only grown over the years.

One of Jeremy’s favorite aspects of his job is working with pediatric clients. "Working with kids is so much fun and rewarding," he remarked.

For Jeremy, the best part of his job is giving people mobility and freedom. This is evident in his work with customers like Logan. Logan's mother had a negative experience with another CRT provider, and Jeremy faced the challenge of gaining her trust.

Jeremy’s work had a profound impact. "Allowing Logan to stand and play with his games and using his device from his stander, also his wheelchair giving him mobility to go where he wants," Jeremy said. Seeing Logan gain independence brought joy and fulfillment to Jeremy’s work.

Jeremy's journey with Numotion is a story of dedication and a commitment to helping others. His passion for providing mobility and freedom makes him an invaluable member of Team Numotion.