Carlos was injured when he was eighteen years old in a car accident. His accident resulted in a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He lived with his family for a couple of years after his accident, ultimately moving out to live with roommates.

Carlos lives an independent and active life. He likes to watch sports, go to the gym and spend time with his puppy. He has been a Numotion CRT customer since his injury but primarily needs products from Numotion’s Medical Supply business.

“I was struggling with my routine and knew I needed a new product solution. I was at the Numotion office when I met Lesley, a medical supply account manager, who helped me find the product that would work best for me,” said Carlos.

Lesley sent Carlos home with several samples until they found the product he liked best and then worked with his medical team and insurance to get them ordered and shipped directly to him. Now Carlos never has to worry about running out or having to pay out of pocket for small orders, which can be very expensive.

With his new product solution from Numotion Medical Supply, Carlos can continue to live independently and do the things he loves.