Cyndi had polio at age two before the vaccine. A high percentage of people who had polio now have what’s called, Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). PPS causes new-onset weakness of your nerves and muscles. Symptoms usually start between 20 and 40 years after the original polio illness. Cyndi was born and raised in central Illinois but now lives in Tennessee. She proudly holds the title of Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2019 and 3rd Runner Up to Ms. Wheelchair America 2020.
Canoeing, waterskiing, and white water rafting are some of Cyndi’s many hobbies. Moving from a manual chair to a power chair in 1995 enabled Cyndi to keep working for many years and experience more than life has to offer. “I love to shop. In my manual chair, I seemed to become the shopping cart for everyone else. With my power chair, I can shop on my own. My wheelchair allows me to live and experience what everyone else does”, says Cyndi.
As a Numotion customer for ten years, Cyndi has purchased two chairs and has been working with Numotion Assistive Technology Professional, Dan Pino. “Dan has been wonderful to me and has always had my best interest at the forefront of every decision. I love Numotion. Numotion is made of people, and the people in Chattanooga are great,” said Cyndi. “Dan makes me feel like a friend rather than a client. I know I could call Dan at any time, and he would know who I was. Numotion has been very responsive during the Covid pandemic and is always willing to come to my home. I did need some work done on my chair during Covid, and repair tech fixed it in the comfort of my living room.”
Cyndi has always had compassion for people with new-onset spinal cord injuries, strokes, or loss of limb. “Having polio at age two means I have experienced every phase of life with this disability. I share my story with others and try to be an example of what life can be if you don't get in your way. The dreams you had before, you can still have them.”