At thirteen months old, Zander went from a walking, running and climbing baby to a paraplegic in a few short hours. Zander was diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), a rare disease that affects the spinal cord; the part of the nervous system that carries messages to and from the brain. He was treated at Levine Children’s Hospital and spent three weeks there for inpatient rehab. Recovery from AFM is unknown but Zander continues to make slow but steady progress. His mom credits his dedicated therapists and doctors at LCH and Carolina Rehab for his recovery progress.

Zander is a customer of Numotion’s Medical Supply business. While Zander doesn’t use the supplies by himself his mom is grateful that the medical supplies Zander needs always arrive on time and if she has any questions or concerns her care team responds right away. "Customer Care Coordinator, Claudia, has been an excellent representative. She made several calls to my insurance company to ensure coverage for my son's medical supplies. She emails me and responds very quickly. Anytime I have a question or concern, Claudia helps me out. Recently I took my son to a hospital out of state. Claudia had the medical supplies delivered before we left. I have peace of mind knowing my 2-year-old son has everything he needs to stay well during this recovery process," said Zander's mom. 

He also received a wheelchair from Numotion. “Numotion helped make the wheelchair process stress-free. They measured Zander for his wheelchair while he was still in inpatient rehab. After the delivery, we saw that the brake handle needed to be moved. Numotion came to our house and made the adjustments right in our driveway. Their service is personal and convenient,” said Zander’s mom.

Zander loves to sit and read books with his mom and play with toys. Zander is still physically active and has learned how to compensate for his legs. While in the hospital Zander received a wheelchair. It took him several months to learn how to maneuver and control speed. Today he asks for his wheels whenever he goes places. “Zander has become a really good driver, he can turn corners and pop wheelies. Zander knows his “wheels” are his. It’s not a toy. He knows that’s his way of moving freely,” said Zander’s mom.

Since Zander cannot walk or stand, it is hard to find safe places for him to play. He cannot move quickly if there are children running by. One day his mom decided to take him and his big sister (8-years-old) to the Aquarium. “I placed Zander in his wheelchair and let him explore the fish tanks. He loved moving from tank to tank on his own. He could touch the glass and be at the same level as other toddlers walking around. It was a personal accomplishment for us that day and a big step toward independence for Zander,” said Zander’s mom.