Introducing a new "responsive texting" feature for service and repair appointments! What this entails is that Numotion will not only send reminders about your upcoming service appointment via text but also allows you to easily confirm or cancel the appointment by replying with a simple text. Additionally, for service appointments scheduled at a Numotion branch, you can also reschedule via text. Please note that the rescheduling option is not available for in-home or in-clinic service appointments.

While we always respect your privacy if you opt not to receive text messages from Numotion, we highly recommend providing us with your mobile number and permitting text messages, as it's the most efficient way for us to keep you informed and stay in touch.

Earlier this year, we informed you about our new process to text you when your repair technician is en route, providing you with better planning and preparation for their visit. We shared with you our enhanced capabilities to provide faster appointment times for service at our Numotion branch locations, emphasizing convenience for you. We hope that this latest addition, enabling confirmation, cancellation, and rescheduling (for Numotion branch appointments only), is another step in our commitment to enhancing communication and meeting your service and repair needs.

  1. If you are not receiving text notifications from us, we most likely do not have a mobile number for you. Login or register for myNumotion, where you can easily update or add your mobile number and opt in for updates. Or, next time you call, let us know you want to receive text updates and provide your mobile number. We do not sell your information to third parties.
  1. If you are not already a myNumotion app user, we strongly encourage you to use this tool to track the status of your new equipment or repair order 24x7. You can also live chat with our support agents. Click here to login or if a first time user to register for the myNumotion app.
  1. When you next call in for service, ask about the possibility of bringing your equipment to our branch for in-shop service. In many cases this can expedite our ability to provide service to you.