In an effort to provide a path to faster service, Numotion is offering In-Shop service and repair at select branch locations across the country. Increasing in-branch service capability originated through direct customer feedback, with many of our customers indicating they prefer to come to their local branch for repairs if it decreases wait- times. The benefits of having customers bring their equipment to the branch include having more staff, tools, and parts available to complete the repairs quickly and efficiently. Numotion’s field service technicians currently spend 50% of their time driving. Minimizing drive time by doing more repairs in-shop enables our technicians to service many more customers each day, which is good for everyone involved.

The number or Numotion locations offering this service is an increasingly growing number. As we bring on more locations, and in order to serve the high volumes of customers requesting repairs, in-shop service will be required at these locations for scooters and basic group two (non customized with captain seat) power wheelchairs.
For other products, customers will have the choice of in-shop or in-home repair, but for those who can come into the branch, this will almost always be the fastest option and we strongly recommend in-shop repairs where available.
For more information on in-shop service and to find out how to prepare for your in-shop service appointment visit our in-shop service information page.

Contact your local branch to schedule an in-shop service appointment. (