Numotion’s Customer Advisory Board is comprised of a group of diverse individuals who share direct customer insights with Numotion regarding experiences and perspectives, as well as provide ideas and guidance resulting in lasting positive change at Numotion and the CRT industry as a whole.

Numotion is honored to hear from this group of individuals in monthly meetings, all of whom are either living with a mobility-related disability or are the parent of someone living with a disability.

“Being a Numotion Customer Advisory Board member means a lot to me. This is a huge step for us. Numotion is listening to the community and learning how to serve their customers better and meeting us where we are with our mobility needs. I’m honored to be a part of this and help Numotion be the best they can be,” said Kyle Pease, Numotion customer.

“As a member of the CAB, it means being heard and making a difference for both the customers and Numotion! I’m able to be a voice for myself and others. This is just the beginning for improvements from within,” said April Ballentine, Numotion customer.

“Participation in Numotion’s CAB is an opportunity to make real change in the world of seating and mobility. The conversations are solution-focused, and leadership is actively engaged in the process. Navigating systems where I have felt unheard, CAB feels like the beginning of real change. I hope to find simple ways to streamline communication for customers and to improve how processes are explained to customers. I want people to leave Numotion feeling heard, with clear steps in place to complete purchases or repairs,” said Kristi Roher, parent of a Numotion customer.

Chief Marketing Officer, Bret Barczak is one of the several Numotion leaders who participate in CAB meetings. “The group of people on this Customer Advisory Board have already proven to be a tremendous asset to Numotion. Hearing their candid feedback as well as their real-world life experiences provides welcomed insight into how Numotion can be better and how we might change the industry together. So excited and inspired to be a part of it and cannot wait to unlock more.”

As a result of this feedback, Numotion has already taken tremendous steps to become even better for those we serve. However, our ultimate goal, as we listen to and learn from our customers, is to identify and tackle opportunities for significant, actionable change not only within our company but also industry wide.